Grace Church.  Twelve17 Coffee Roasters is one of many ministries created within Grace Church to bless our community of faith.  Volunteers enjoy roasting small batches of coffee beans and serving them fresh in the pleasant atmosphere of our church building on 1217 S. Mission Street (thus the 'Twelve17' name).  We call Twelve17 Coffee Roasters primarily an 'inreach' ministry because it is designed to bless the many volunteers who serve at Grace Church, whether they be in our Children's Ministry, in our Worship Ministry, in our college ministry, or moms and dads in need of some relatively quiet space to maintain (retrieve) their sanity.  Of course, our fellowship has many friends and family members in the central Michigan community who do not regularly attend Grace Church.  So our building and our hospitality have become a place of 'sanctuary' for our volunteers to meet with old friends and make new ones.  We at Grace have always believed we are to make ourselves (and our church resources) available to others, as a 'sanctuary' of sorts, regardless of where someone may be in their spiritual beliefs.  Jesus demonstrated this when He initiating a relationship with a Samaritan woman at the local watering hole (Gospel of John, chapter 4).  Sometimes our church family, friends from the community, and even strangers, just need some humble hospitality, an initial 'taste' of being cared for with no strings attached, to start them down the road to considering who God is. 

Fascinating and obsessive. To the volunteer baristas and roasters at Grace Church, ministering to volunteers and others that come to Grace Church is an incredibly fascinating and rewarding ministry.  They truly enjoy blessing people in a tangible way: simply by roasting and serving pretty good coffee.  This means we're fairly inquisitive/obsessive about developing the craft of 'Jesus-like' hospitality skills to the glory of God.  Of course, not everybody likes coffee so we freely offer some pretty good teas and juice drinks.  In fact, many people just come in for a glass of cold water.

Free. As you've discovered if you've come into Grace Church, we gladly do EVERYTHING for free... Children's Ministry, Mom's-in-Ministry, Worship Ministry, etc..  So when it comes to our Twelve 17 Coffee Roasters Ministry, our volunteers volunteer freely and we serve everything for free.  Suggested gifts/donations to this ministry are received from those who desire to give.  Suggested gifts/donations are just that, "suggested."  People can give less, more, or nothing at all.  As a result, this ministry of Grace Church has gladly given away a LOT of coffee over the years to folks who are not in a position to give anything, or simply choose not to. Gifts that do come in are helpful in offsetting some of the operating costs of our ministry which add up very quickly; purchasing green coffee beans for roasting, coffee roasting machines, cups, milk, grinders... you get the idea.  All in all, the entirety of this ministry's expenses has yet to be covered by the entirety of gifts/donations given.  But we're OK with that.

Volunteers.  All of our baristas and roasters are Grace Church volunteers who give their time and energy as they are developed as disciples of Jesus through serving our growing faith community.

Jesus. Ultimately, we volunteer our time and show hospitality to people in our church family and community with the clear desire that one day folks will take it a step further and consider 'tasting' Jesus, if they haven't already... realizing the ancient Psalmist of the Bible was right when he wrote, "Taste and see the Lord is good!"

Myanmar. We further extend the love of Jesus to under-resourced people outside of our central Michigan community.  Grace Church has chosen to focus on alleviating the needs of orphans and other needy situations in the country of Myanmar.  We give 10% of all donations, before covering the costs of this ministry, to this special international ministry.  Furthermore, many of our baristas have traveled to Myanmar at their own expense and have come to know and love the people this ministry has been able to support. For more info about our trips to Myanmar check out:

Or go to our church's website.