The coffee cherry is the fruit that encases the seeds (referred to as "beans" due to the resemblance) that is used to make coffee after it is dried and roasted. The coffee cherry skin has an almost vegetable flavor with slight tannin, but the thin layer around the seed is sweet and mild; reminiscent of white peach and jasmine. Dried green coffee comes to us from all corners of the world: EI Salvador, Peru, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Myanmar, Costa Rica, Brazil, & many more.


Our roasting process utilizes an advanced and highly effective drum roaster to create all of our coffees. Drum roasting involves a rotating cast- iron drum and a heat source applied with a constant current of fresh air. (Functioning much like a clothes dryer). Our roaster uses infrared (radiant) heat and a heat exchanger to heat the drum. The coffee tumbles inside the drum allowing heat absorption through convection (air-flow) and conduction (contact with the drum). This ensures a precise, even roast.

When the coffee has reached the proper degree of roast it is released into a cooling tray where it is quenched by forcing cool air through the batch and stirring. The coffee is then cupped to insure quality and bagged to ensure freshness.