Welcome to 1217 South Mission Street!  Yes, 1217 (Twelve17) is our actual address.  The point of giving this ministry the relatively innocuous name 'Twelve17 Coffee Roasters' is simple: it is one of several volunteer ministries at Grace Church.  Our neon signs say 'Welcome' instead of 'Open' because we are an inviting community of disciples of Jesus and we serve our church and community through a number of unique ministries.  It is truly our privilege to welcome our Grace Church family, and our central Michigan community to all that Grace Church has to offer: Kids Church, our Worship and Recording Ministries, Mom's-in-Ministry, Discipleship Groups, Prayer Ministry, to name but a few.  In terms of our Twelve17 Ministry, the space around our church building provides a ready-made environment for Grace Church attenders to enjoy a little 'sanctuary,' and a cup of coffee, tea, juice or water.  We have found the necessity in today's busy and noisy world of providing a low-decibel, quality space for the Grace Church volunteers and attenders.  It also allows to share our space and our hospitality with old and new friends, family, and even strangers who need some encouraging.  In fact, the biblical word translated into our English word 'hospitality' actually means 'entertaining strangers' in the greek language in which the New Testament was written.  Whoever we are privileged to bless, we trust that the volunteers of Twelve17's  ministry will lovingly provide the hospitality and 'sanctuary' that allows Grace Church to minister to the deeper thirsts of the human heart.

The Roasting Machines. We drink a LOT of coffee at Grace Church, so we have tried to make it right.  We roast on customized 12kg roaster built by U.S. Roaster Corp.  The roasting machine is but one of many crucial aspects in crafting great coffee.  The use of several tools (refractometer, bean-moisture censors, temperature/humidity controls, grinders, La Marzocco espresso machine) and the constant refining of our roast profiles makes coffee roasting fascinating and rewarding... all the while knowing that people will be blessed. Our coffee roasting and prep areas are fully inspected and licensed.  

Inreach. This ministry was developed primarily to bless our church family, particularly all of our hard-working volunteers.  Even to this day, our main focus is on blessing Grace Church volunteers and attenders.  As a ministry of the church, it allows for the space and hospitality for Grace folks to gather for ministry team meetings, one-on-one discipleship opportunities, small group Bible studies, etc.  Although we have this focus, we consider it a privilege to sacrifice our time and resources to meet the needs of people in our community who just need some space to think/study, or a listening ear, and a cup of coffee/tea or water.  In fact, we see these opportunities as absolutely essential in transforming Grace Church volunteers into the disciples Jesus would have them to be!  One more benefit of blessing folks in this way is that we are able to assist the under-resourced people of Myanmar with 10% of all gifts/donations... we do this by faith, regardless of whether or not we cover the on-going costs of this ministry. 

Good beans... pretty good coffee. All our coffees are freshly roasted onsite. We then grind and brew our coffee, one cup at a time, using the V60 or Kalita Wave pour-over methods. We have been continually improving the flavor-profiles of our coffees since we began roasting in 2010. Part of this is our commitment to sourcing and serving good, 'interesting' beans found all over the world.

Jesus. Yep, He's the creator of the coffee bean and we try to make it clear that everything we do is for Him and points people to Him.